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My Work

I am Casandra Liddell. I have been in the marketing sphere for the last 12 years creating and conceptualizing campaigns, bringing together globally known profiles to increase brand awareness in multi-sector and multi-geographic regions. The look, font, colour and feel of a message are all important but none are as important as the story, and I would love to tell you my professional story.

Over the years I have run campaigns and built brands throughout European and US markets, I have a deep and cultivated network in specific areas such as Monaco, Zurich, Dubai and Amsterdam. I have brought together and worked with Influencers and guests such as Conor McGregor, Swizz Beatz and Diplo to support causes such as the Princess Grace Foundation.

I have also worked with aspiring entrepreneurs around the world to build their own brands, and to launch into new markets and demographics. Helping them with everything from the concept to design, research, and execution.

My proven 'super-powers' are: 

  • Content Creation: Proficiency in creating engaging and visually appealing content, including images, videos, and graphics tailored for social media platforms.

  • Growth and Product Marketing: optimizing for engagement, activation, loyalty, and the end-to-end digital journey.

  • Budget Planning and ROI: Create and manage a marketing budget, allocating resources effectively to achieve maximum return on investment.

  • SaaS and B2B Marketing: Created marketing presentations, investment decks, localization or product marketing strategies for startups, VC Funds or Web 3 companies that had an interest in having a marketing presence in the UAE (fundraising, market penetration, local digital presence, product launch, strategic partnerships).

  • Data Analysis: Ability to analyze social media metrics and user engagement data to make informed decisions and optimize content strategies.

  • Social Media Marketing: Experience in managing and optimizing paid social media advertising campaigns to reach the target audience effectively.

  • Platform Expertise: Familiarity with popular social media platforms, especially those relevant to B2B, SEO and Website optimisation.

  • Content Calendar Management: Ability to create and maintain a content calendar to ensure a consistent posting schedule and content planning.

  • Influencer Collaboration: Experience in identifying and collaborating with influencers or brand ambassadors to promote the product.

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The Private Investment Group

- Website building
- Branding (logo, Visual Identity and online materials)
- Videos - editing for our YouTube channels and social media
- Social media Management - posting, graphic design and online events
- Copywriting (all the articles, site content, press releases and social media content )
- Graphic Design, content for the investment decks presentations for our client 

- Marketing Plan
- Event Management
- Account Management


UNITE Events

-Website building
-Branding (logo, and online materials)
-Videos - editing for our youtube channels and social media
-Social media Management - posting, graphic design and community building
-Copywriting (all the articles, site content, press releases and social media content )
-Graphic Design and event branding - screens/presentations/menus banners online and offline
-Event Management
-Account Management

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Re:Think Podcast

-Website building
-Branding (logo, and online branding)
-Videos - editing for our YouTube channels and social media
-Social media Management - posting, graphic design and comunity building
-Copywriting (all the articles, site content, press releases and social media content )
-Management of the guest list questions and answers

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